Repairing an Air Conditioner That Does Not Get Cold

Running a poorly functioning air conditioning system on a hot day is useless if the air does not get cold enough. However, sometimes homeowners run their air conditioner hoping the air will eventually cool down to a satisfactory temperature. What happens in such a scenario is the consumption of energy and the disappointment of a large electric bill that could have been avoided. Rather than running up energy costs, it is wiser to hire a contractor to assess the air conditioning system and make repairs. A homeowner will then be spending money on something that is beneficial rather than running an air conditioner that does not produce cold air.

The Constant Need for Charging

It is not necessary for an air conditioning system to be charged on a regular basis, as one charge can last for several years. If an air conditioning system has to be charged on a regular basis, it is due to there being an underlying problem. For example, the constant need for charging is possibly due to refrigerant leaking out of the system. Without refrigerant, an air conditioner cannot produce cold air, as the refrigerant is what pulls heat out of the air. A contractor must be hired to repair the leak before the system is recharged again if a homeowner does not want to keep dealing with the same problem.

Coils Have Not Been Cleaned

Coils play just as important a role in cooling down the air as refrigerant does, as everything works together. For example, as refrigerant removes heat from the air, the coils reduce the heat even further to make it cold. The condenser coil removes hot air from a house by pushing it into the environment outside, while the evaporator coil cools the air as it contacts the metal. When the coils have not been cleaned, it is difficult to perform the tasks they are designed to perform. A homeowner must get the coils cleaned if they have not been cleaned in a long time, as cleaning the coils should be a regular part of air conditioner maintenance.

An Old Air Conditioning System

When an air conditioner is old, it could be a waste of money to invest in replacement parts. For example, if an air conditioner is decades old, a homeowner is better off investing in a new system rather than paying for repairs. However, before deciding that an air conditioning system must be replaced altogether, a homeowner should get an assessment from an AC service.