2 Reasons To Consider Radiant Heating

One of the best alternatives to traditional heating methods is radiant heating. A radiant heating system is a bit different from a traditional forced-air heating system because it does not utilize a furnace. Instead, this system uses either electric panels or water pipes located underneath the floors and within the walls of the house.

A radiant heating system that uses water pipes will typically utilize hot water from a boiler to heat up the walls and floors, which in turn heat up the house. You should seriously consider radiant heating because it can be quite cost effective and improve your air quality.

Cost Effective

One of the reasons that a radiant heating system is so cost effective is that it is very energy efficient. A big reason for this is that many radiant heating systems can be set up to heat certain spaces within your home while ignoring the rest. This means that you can set the heating system to only heat your bedroom when you go to bed and not waste energy heating other rooms in the house. 

Radiant heating is also cost effective and energy efficient because it does not lose any heated air to duct loss. Duct loss most often occurs in forced-air heating and central air conditioning systems when the air is lost while traveling through the ducts, usually due to gaps or holes in the ducts themselves.

Duct loss results in your heating system having to produce more hot air to compensate, which increases your energy usage and utility bills. Since a radiant heating system doesn't interact with the duct system, there is no issue at all with duct loss. 

Improve Your Air Quality

A radiant heating system is quite helpful if you or a family member suffer from respiratory issues or allergies. This is because a radiant heating system does not disturb the air in your home, which means that it will not be blowing dust and allergens throughout the house.

With a forced-air option, the heating system will move dust and allergens around, while also blowing any particles that have settled into the ducts up into the house. Once those particles are in the air in your home, you and your family could begin to notice foul odors, become sick more often, and have trouble breathing.

Speak to an HVAC contractor in order to discuss the various benefits and advantages afforded by a radiant heating system. This type of heating system can improve your family's health by improving the air quality inside your home while also providing you with a cost effective and energy efficient heating option. For more information, talk to a professional like A Bailey Plumbing.