Six Ways To Conserve Energy While Cooling Your Home

In the midst of summer, you may find yourself running your air conditioner very often, which can rack up a huge electricity bill. However, there are ways that you can reduce your cooling needs to make the most of your cool air. Here are some proven ways to reduce your AC bill.

Get an Inspection

The first thing to do is to get an inspection of your HVAC and AC systems to root out any problems. One common issue is faulty ducts that leak air out of the system, meaning that you are cooling the dead spaces of your home. An HVAC repair contractor can seal any leaks to ensure that your cool air is directed to the areas you specify. Air conditioner repairs are also helpful for fixing fluid leaks, damaged AC coils, and other issues that can prevent efficient cooling

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

Air filters are another big one for saving energy. A dirty air filter will distress your AC and HVAC systems by making them work harder to pump cool air through your home. Replacing filters every few months helps to ensure that air is flowing cleanly through the system.

Use Concentrated Cooling Sources

You can also save money by not turning on your central air more than you have to. If a lot of your activities are concentrated in one or two main rooms, consider using a fan or window AC unit to cool those areas instead of your central air. Reserve the big guns for when you have multiple people in the home using a large area of space.

Invest in a Good Thermostat

The thermostat makes a big difference in energy consumption. A high-end, new thermostat will be very efficient at cooling the space to your specifications. You may even be able to set the thermostat on a timer to reduce your own input.

Keep Solar Heating At Bay

Sunlight on your home can bring up your cooling needs considerably. Dark curtains will help prevent direct sunlight from heating your home. An even more drastic intervention is to use green roofing to reflect some solar heat away from your home.

Avoid Excessive Heat from Cooking

Cooking is another source of added heat in the summer. Avoid using the oven and use cooler heat sources, such as microwaves and stovetops.

These are only a few of the ways that you can keep your home cool without draining the resources of your air conditioner and HVAC system. Good HVAC maintenance, along with awareness of your home activities, goes a long way in reducing your cooling bill.