Have An Oil-Powered Furnace? Consider Switching To Gas-Powered Heat

If you're a homeowner currently using oil to heat your house, you are all too familiar with the large bill you have to pay every time you have to get more fuel. Oil can be very expensive, which is why you may be considering making the switch to a furnace that is gas powered. Here's what you need to know to help this project go smoothly.

Making The Switch Is Not A DIY Job

Many home improvement projects can be done on your own, but converting your oil-powered furnace to a gas-powered one is definitely a project you should have a professional do for you. Consider having an HVAC specialist come out to your home and perform an assessment before having the work done.

The process starts with finding out if you can even get gas service in your home, which your gas company can help you with. Once it's confirmed that getting gas service is not an issue, you will need the help of your HVAC contractor to determine if you have enough gas to heat your house. If you currently have a gas line coming in, you may not have enough gas for a furnace if you currently use gas for heating your water, stove, and other gas-powered appliances. Once again, this can be determined during your assessment.

When To Convert The Furnace

Switching to gas powered heat is not something you should do in the middle of winter. If something goes wrong, you could be without heat for several days when you need it the most. Schedule the job to be completed during the summer, fall, or spring months when you can go without heat for a few days.

Some homeowners prefer to hold off until their oil furnace needs a major repair or breaks down completely. If you decide to do this, you can still move forward with the assessment and selection of your gas-powered furnace. With all the information known, you'll be ready to order and install the gas powered furnace as soon as your old one kicks the bucket.

If you have a new oil furnace, it may be possible to convert it to gas. This could save you the costly expense of buying a brand new furnace.

Why Go With Gas

With a gas-powered furnace, you'll find that the fuel is cheaper than the oil alternative. Gas is also much more friendly for the environment as well, so you will save on resources and money with this switch.

For more info on gas furnaces, speak with your HVAC technician.