Removing Debris From Basement-Level Air Ventilation Ducts On Your Own

If you own your own house and you use a furnace to heat your home in the wintertime, you most likely want it to run efficiently so you save money while remaining toasty warm.  In order to keep the furnace working efficiently, the air ventilation ducts in your home should be cleaned periodically to keep warm air free of debris. Cleaning these ducts will also keep airflow steady instead of restricted, helping to keep heating costs down. Most people will call a professional to handle excessive debris removal; however, there are a few steps one can take to clean ducts on their own in the interim. Here are some tips to use to keep your own air ventilation ducts clean.

Cover The Heat Register Covers

Before you attempt to clean your ducts, it is best to cover the heat register covers in your home. This will keep dust from making its way into the rooms in your house as you do the cleaning procedure. Lift up each register cover, wrap a paper towel over the top portion, and tuck the edges of the paper towel underneath each of the edges of the register cover. Slide each cover back into place.

Adjust Your Thermostat Setting

Switch your thermostat to the "fan on" position. This will help move any debris you loosen during the cleaning process, making it easier to remove from the air ventilation ducts as a result. Make sure the only setting you have in an on position is the fan. The heat or air conditioning will not be needed.

Loosen And Remove Debris Stuck In Ducts

Head to your basement to a location where duct work is accessible. Use a long-handled toilet brush and tap on the interior walls of the duct work to loosen debris. Afterward, use a vacuum cleaner attachment hose to remove it. The fan will push the loosened particles toward your register covers.

Remove the paper towel from one of the register covers in your home and vacuum all debris that has accumulated in this area. Use the brush to loosen debris near the register cover if necessary and repeat the vacuuming process. This procedure can be continued at each of your register covers to remove dirt. Make sure to exchange your furnace's air filter with a new one after cleaning the ducts. When the cleaning process is completed, you can turn your furnace back to the heat setting and turn off the fan. 

If you feel you cannot do this on your own, contact professional HVAC contractors in your area for assistance.