How Snowbirds Can Manage Their Air Conditioning Maintenance Before Their Arrival

If you are a proud member of the "snowbird club," you probably have a residence in the southern half of the U.S. that you go to every year when your northern home is inundated by snow. That generally means you have twice the home maintenance of everyone else, including furnace and air conditioning maintenance. For most "snowbirds," your home maintenance on these systems often occurs after you have arrived at your southern residence for the season, which then takes up valuable relaxation time. You can avoid that by getting your air conditioning maintenance done before you arrive this year, and here is how.

Call an HVAC Specialist Near Your Southern Home and Make an Appointment

If you already have a trusted HVAC specialist that works for you near your southern abode, call and make an appointment two weeks before you expect to arrive there. Make an appointment for maintenance so that your air conditioner is running smoothly and you will be comfortable within minutes of getting in the front door. Since most air conditioning maintenance occurs on the condenser unit outside, your specialist does not even need to get inside your home to complete it!

Leave a Key with a Neighbor

In the event that the specialist does need to get inside the house, leave a key with a trustworthy neighbor. Better yet, arrange the appointment so that your neighbor can be present during the maintenance appointment and help the specialist get inside (if necessary). That way, you also have eyes and ears present for the appointment without actually being present.

Prepay for the Service or Request a Bill

As an added bonus, many HVAC specialists will accept prepayment for the service. If anything extra is needed, you can request that the specialist call you before making any repairs or replacing parts. You can also request that a bill for services rendered be mailed to you and you will pay it upon your arrival at your winter home.

Have Your Neighbor Flip on the A/C the Day Before You Arrive

Lastly, (and since your neighbor has a key) ask your neighbor to flip on your A/C before you arrive for your annual winter sojourn. A day in advance is good enough, and will provide enough cool, comfortable air to greet you when you walk in the door. Then you can unload your vehicle and relax without having to worry about scheduling home maintenance appointments!