Choosing An HVAC For A Tiny House

In case the tiny house movement bug has bitten you, don't forget that conventional heating and ventilation systems (HVACs) may not be suitable for your tiny house. Here are some of the considerations you need to make to ensure your installed HVAC will not be wasteful or inadequate for your tiny house:

Install a Zoned System

HVAC zoning system allows you to control the individual temperature for each area of your house rather than heating the whole house with a uniform temperature. This is advantageous for any house, but it is perfect for a tiny house since they usually don't house many people. Since you are likely to be just one or two people in your tiny house, the zoning system comes in handy because you can just heat the section of the room you are using at each particular time.

Chose A Model That Won't Use Floor Space

Floor space is extremely valuable for a tiny house, so you don't want to install anything that occupies a big space if you have an alternative. Luckily, there are in-wall HVAC systems that occupy zero floor space. Such systems make use of an outside HVAC unit plus duct installations that sit between wall studs, which mean they don't interfere with your available floor or wall space.

Be Extra-Careful With Sizing

An oversized air conditioner will waste energy while an undersized one will not cool or heat the house efficiently. Not only that but an oversized unit will also lead to excess humidity in the house since the unit's motor will not have time to dry the incoming air. It's relatively easy to install an oversized unit for your tiny house if you aren't careful. Don't work with estimations here, get a professional HVAC contractor to do the math and install an HVAC of the proper size.

Mind the Noise

HVAC noise can be extremely irritating. You might not notice it much if you are in a big (or normal) house since the noisy unit will usually be located far from you. However, when you are living in a tiny house, you will always be close to all parts of the house or even the external walls. Therefore, you need to choose a system that generates the least noise possible.

Consulting a technician, like one from I C E Heating & Cooling, is advisable anytime you want to install an HVAC system, and not just for tiny houses. It is much convenient and cheaper to get the process right the first time than to upgrade it once it proves inefficient.