4 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Is Running Constantly

First of all, you may be wondering why it's even a bad thing that your AC is running constantly even during the hottest day of the year. If your AC is running constantly, it's utilizing energy, which means higher energy bills. On top of this, it is obviously overworking itself, which means excessive damages are going to be more likely. This can potentially lead to the failure of the HVAC system altogether. Here are four specific reasons your AC could be running constantly:

  1. Improper Size: If you have recently expanded the size of your home with a room addition, you need to have the AC evaluated and possibly reinstalled. The reason being that it's probably not the right size for your home any longer. This means that it's not able to keep the home cool. If you are looking to save money, you can combat this problem by installing a window AC in the added room to help keep it cool enough for the AC to keep up with. 
  2. The Air Filter is Dirty: If the air filter is completely clogged, then the cool air is not going to be able to be pushed through, which means that your home isn't getting any cooler. Your AC is going to overwork itself at this point, which is why the AC filter needs to be checked and cleaned or replaced at least twice per year if not more. It should be more if you have pets in the home since pets leave a lot of dander that gets into the AC system.  
  3. Poor Insulation: If there are window leaks in the home, poor insulation in the attic, and more, then the AC is not going to function properly. This is why you should have the insulation in your home tested every now and then, especially when you install a new AC system or make major repairs to it. The professionals will check to see if there are any holes that need sealing and more. From here, they will make suggestions that will help you AC function at a more efficient rate. 
  4. You Need Maintenance: Finally, it could just be because you need to replace a certain part or repair a certain part in order for the air conditioning to work properly once again. Be sure to have a thorough inspection of the AC if you notice that it is running constantly to determine whether or not this is the case. 

These are just four reasons your AC could be running constantly. In any situation, you need to call in the professionals after you have ruled out a dirty filter as the cause.