Why Your Home Has Hot And Cold Spots During The Summer

Even if you set your AC to the appropriate temperature, you might notice that your home has hot and cold spots. This can make your home very uncomfortable when there are several individuals living in your home and you're not able to keep everyone cool. There are many reasons why your AC is not cooling your entire home properly.

A Thermostat Isn't Working

You may have a thermostat that is faulty. An AC system relies on your thermostat detecting when an area of your home is not warm enough. It then raises the temperature appropriately. However, thermostats sometimes need to be recalibrated and will sometimes simply break. Repair or replace your thermostat.

You Don't Have Enough Insulation

An area of your home might not have enough insulation. When a wall doesn't have enough insulation, heat can easily enter that area of your home and raise the temperature. The AC may not be able to work hard enough to keep that area cool. Fortunately, you can easily add more insulation by using blown-in insulation. You can never add too much insulation.

You're Using the Oven Too Much

Certain areas of the home will be inevitably hot due to their location. For instance, the kitchen tends to be warmer, especially after using the oven. For this reason, many avoid using the oven during the summer. 

You Have Air Duct Problems

Your air ducts might have a leak that is allowing hot air to enter. Air ducts need to be insulated so that certain areas of your home and outside ambient air do not raise the temperature of the air circulating through ducts. You must repair the leak or add more insulation. Also, your ductwork might not be the right size or may not have been properly designed.

The AC Isn't the Right Size

Your AC might not be the right size for your home. This can cause your AC to wear out fast because it will have to keep cycling, but will not be able to keep your entire home cool. The only solution in this case is to replace your AC.

Your AC Needs To Be Repaired

One reason for hot and cold spots is that your AC needs to be repaired. When your AC is not in good condition, it will struggle to operate properly and will not cool your entire home sufficiently. For this reason, you will want to contact an air conditioning repair technician.