Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Professional To Service Your Home’s Air Conditioner

If you live in a hot climate, you most likely run your air conditioner day and night during the sweltering summer months. Many homes owners do not pay much attention to their home's air conditioning unit, which can be a mistake. A residential air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive appliances in a home, and it needs to be properly maintained. Unlike many maintenance projects around a home, properly maintaining an air conditioner is not a DIY project-- it is always best for all work on your air conditioner to be done by a professional. Thus, it is very important to have your home's air conditioner regularly serviced for a number of reasons, such as:

Help Prevent Costly Repairs

The last thing you want on a hot summer afternoon is for your air conditioner to fail. But, if your air conditioner has been neglected and has not been serviced or maintained, unexpected repairs are a real risk. When you have your home's air conditioner serviced in the spring months before you begin using your air conditioner on a daily basis, major problems or A/C failure are much less likely to happen. When your A/C is serviced by an HVAC professional, all of the components will be inspected and maintained, and potential issues will be identified. This allows you to take care of any small issues that are found before they become big problems that can cause your air conditioner to stop working.

Keep Warranty Valid

When you buy a new air conditioning unit, it will come with a warranty for a specific amount of time. What many people do not realize is that there are specific terms of the warranty that must be fulfilled in order to keep the warranty valid. Many air conditioning unit manufacturers mandate that an air conditioner must be regularly serviced by a professional in order for a warranty to be valid. Thus, if you don't schedule regular appointments to have your A/C serviced, you will be out of luck if your air conditioner needs repair or replacement during the warranty period.

Longer-Lasting Air Conditioning Unit

A new air conditioning unit for your home can cost thousands of dollars, so you most likely want your current air conditioner to last as long as possible before you need to replace it. One of the easiest ways to extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit is by having it serviced by an HVAC pro. When an air conditioning unit is properly maintained, all of the components will last much longer-- in fact, you may be able to add a few years of life to an air conditioning unit with maintenance alone. 

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