Air Conditioning Maintenance Can Protect You In Hot Weather When Condenser Coils Suddenly Freeze

Air conditioner units are a lifesaver in the hot summer and can protect you from serious heat problems. However, this time of the year, your unit is more prone to suffer from frozen coils that make your unit impossible to run. Thankfully, you can protect yourself by getting high-quality maintenance done on your unit before the hot weather hits.

Frozen Condenser Coils May Happen at Any Time

When you're running your air conditioner at full blast during the summer, you might notice something very strange – your condenser coils freeze. It might seem impossible when the temperature outside is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit – and the temperature inside your home even higher – but this problem likely occurs more often in hot weather because you'll be running your unit more regularly.

Unfortunately, an air conditioner with frozen condenser coils is going to produce warm air because the Freon inside won't be able to get cold. As a result, your unit may be impossible to use or may even stop running if the airflow is affected enough. To avoid this situation, you need professional maintenance scheduled before the hot season ever begins as a way of ensuring that your unit runs properly.

Why Maintenance is a Great Way to Avoid This Issue

People concerned about the dangers of trying to tough out a hot summer without an air conditioner should, instead, seriously think about getting their condenser coils maintained. Even one day in a hot apartment without air conditioning can be dangerous, and sadly, it will take at least 24 hours for the condenser coils to thaw once they freeze.

Thankfully, maintenance can help to spot the triggers of this issue and help your air conditioner run properly. For example, regularly changing the air filter is quite easy and will provide proper airflow for your unit that will keep the condensers from freezing. Adding a proper level of Freon can also help here. 

And the easiest way to get these services done properly is to schedule high-quality air conditioning maintenance services. These experts will come to your home, clean out the air filter, add Freon to the unit, and provide other services that will ensure your condensers don't freeze.

A high-quality air conditioner maintenance schedule is a great idea for anybody who lives in a hot-weather environment, such as the desert or areas with very intense summers. With the help of these experts, your condenser coils will never freeze, which ensures you get a nice flow of cool air on the hottest days of the summer.