Why You Should Invest In An AC Maintenance And Service Contract

Your air conditioner most likely isn't an appliance you think of often, as it's only used during the warm weather seasons and then disregarded the rest of the year. You use this system but rarely give it a second thought until it breaks down and you're left sweating. You may not maintain your system and may have never had it serviced to ensure it works properly, which can be a mistake that could be a costly one. If you have an air conditioner, you should consider investing in an air conditioning maintenance service. Read on for a few reasons why this is important.

1. To Ensure Your System Is Maintained Properly

Again, you most likely have done nothing at all to maintain your system, because you don't think about it until it breaks down. If you invest in a contract, this work will be done for you each and every year (or throughout the year) to ensure the system is in good working conditioner and runs properly throughout the season without fail. The contractor will lubricate the moving parts and clean the system thoroughly, check Freon levels, and look it over to be sure it hasn't sustained any damage, such as bent fins or corrosion.

2. To Ensure The System Is Working

With a service contract, the contractor will be there to turn on the system to ensure it starts up and is working properly without any issues on that first startup. They will be sure the thermostat is giving the right information to your air conditioning system and that the temperature is being reached without over-cycling or other issues. 

3. To Save You Money On Repairs

If you have someone to look after your appliance for you each season, this should cut back on repair costs. You should have fewer breakdowns, and your system may also run for much longer than if it wasn't maintained and looked after. This will save you money in the long run, and you won't need to invest in a new system for a while, which can also save you money.

If you aren't taking care of your own air conditioning system yourself, you're setting your appliance up for premature breakdowns and a shorter lifespan. Talk to your HVAC contractor about getting a service and maintenance contract to have your system maintained for you and serviced as needed by the contractor — you won't regret it.