Can A New Air Conditioner Actually Save Me Money?

Most homeowners groan at the idea of having to replace any of the appliances or systems inside their house. That applies double for something like an air conditioner, which can cost several thousand dollars to replace by itself, not including any ductwork that needs to be installed along with it.

But on some occasions, having a new air conditioning system may actually save you money in the long run. Below are a few ways that's possible.

Energy Costs

The biggest and most immediate way that you'll save money by installing a new air conditioner in your home is with dramatic energy savings. Even over the span of the last 20 years, air conditioning technology has come a long way, with units today more energy-efficient than ever before. Not only do they make better use of the energy that's supplied to them, but they more efficiently distribute cold air throughout your home, which results in less air passing freely into the atmosphere. Some homeowners have reported a drop as much as 40% with a new AC unit.

Fewer Repairs

Even though most AC units have a shelf life of between 12 to 15 years, once they hit the halfway point, the repairs will become more frequent. While the repairs themselves may not seem like much, if you add them up over the span of several years, they can cost almost more than a brand-new AC unit. When you buy a new air conditioner, not only do you have fewer repairs to deal with, but also a warranty that will protect it against any repairs for the near future. If you want to cut down on your costs without having to buy a new air conditioner though, ask your HVAC company about any kind of air conditioning services they offer to help extend the life of your unit and make those repairs less frequent.

Resale Value

Not many prospective home buyers list a brand-new air conditioner is one of their desires when it comes to looking for the right home, but there's no doubt that an inefficient AC unit is a major turnoff. The thought of having to shell out for repairs, as well as paying more for air conditioning than they used to do, is a major deterrent that will make people think twice before buying your home. In fact, having a new air conditioner inside your home is so important, that most experts believe that you can boost your home's resale value by about 10% when you try to sell your home.

For more information about air conditioners, contact a local HVAC contractor.