Boiler Leak Signs: When You Need Boiler Repair

When you rely on a boiler furnace for your home's heat, it's important for you to understand the warning signs that you might need boiler repair. As a homeowner who may not be familiar with the signs of trouble with a boiler furnace, there are some things that you should know. One of the most important issues that you should watch for is leaking within your boiler. Here's a look at a few of the signs of leaks that you should know.

Watch Your Pressure Gauge

Every boiler furnace is equipped with a pressure gauge that tells you the water pressure level at both cold and hot temperatures. Familiarize yourself with the standard readings for your boiler so that you know where that gauge should be when the system is running at operating temperature as well as when the furnace is turned off. 

Check the gauges periodically when the furnace is running. As long as your pressure gauge is consistently within the range that it should be, the water level in the system is consistent. However, if the pressure reading on the gauge drops, that's a key warning sign that your system is losing water somewhere. 

Check Your Floor For Water

Another sign you should watch for is the appearance of water on the floor around your boiler. Your boiler should be installed on a pad on the floor, with the bladder typically installed at a slightly higher elevation. Look on the floor around the boiler, on the pad under the unit, and on the floor under the bladder for any signs of moisture or water spots. If you see any kind of moisture, or if you see rings that indicate water dripped and dried up, that's a key indication that there's a water leak somewhere in the furnace.

When you see signs like this, that means you need a boiler repair technician right away. They will narrow down the source of the leak, patch it, and restore the water level in your system. This will help preserve the efficiency and water flow in the boiler.

Listen For Popping Sounds

Another common indication that your boiler system has a water leak is the sound of popping from your radiators. The popping noises are the result of air bubbles in the system, which often are introduced when the system is breached. Air enters the system as water leaks out, resulting in the popping noises when your system comes to temperature.

For more information, contact a boiler repair service.