2 Ways an Oversized Central Air Conditioning Unit Makes Your Home Uncomfortable

If the time has come for you to install a new central air conditioning unit for your home, you may be thinking about purchasing an oversized unit. You may believe that the larger size will help keep your house cooler since it will have more power. However, while you may believe that an oversized A/C unit will keep your house more comfortable, the opposite is true. There are a couple of ways that having an air conditioner that is too large for your house's space will make you uncomfortable.

1. Temperatures Inside Your Home Will Be Inconsistent

One way that an oversized central A/C unit will make your home uncomfortable is that it will cause inconsistent temperatures. In one room or area of your home, the air may feel frigid. However, especially as you go to an area that is further away from the unit, the air will feel warm or even hot.

While an oversized unit will blow cold air more forcibly through your ductwork, the air will usually become frigid in the area where your thermostat is located. Because this air becomes cold fast, it will send a signal that the set temperature has been reached, causing the unit to cycle off before it has a chance to cool the rest of your home. This will cause rooms further away from the thermostat to stay warm.

2. Air Will Stay Muggy, Especially on High-humidity Days 

Another problem caused by an oversized unit is that it will not remove the humidity from the air, leaving your home feeling muggy. As part of its job, the A/C unit's coils pull the moisture out of the air passing by them. This helps to dry the air out and decrease the humidity. However, if the air conditioner short cycles because of its larger size, the coils will not have a chance to do their job. This will result in the air in the house having a muggy feel to it, especially on days when the humidity is very high outdoors.

To help avoid inconsistencies in your home's temperatures while ensuring that the humidity levels are not uncomfortably high, make sure that you choose an air conditioner designed for the space within your house. If you are having problems deciding on which side would be appropriate for your home, contact an HVAC contractor near you for assistance with making the choice as well as to discuss the installation process.