Four Ways To Avoid Surprise Air Conditioner Failures During Summer

Summer is the worst time to lose your air conditioner due to a part breakdown or electrical failure, but with the right preparation, you can keep downtime to a minimum, avoid surprise repair bills, and even prevent failure altogether. Here's what you can do to make sure you're ready for anything.

Keep Spare Parts Available

Your air conditioner has many components, some of which either need to be replaced often or can be replaced relatively inexpensively. One example is your air filter; a filter that's too dirty can cause your air conditioner to shut down due to lack of airflow, but it can easily be replaced. Another example is your air conditioner's fuses. If they fail, they can cause your entire air conditioner to stop working, but they are inexpensive and can quickly be replaced.

Keeping spares of inexpensive components comes in handy during summer when demand is high and parts shortages can result in long wait times for repairs. If you have some common parts ready, you can fix in minutes what might otherwise take days due to waiting for parts. Contact a company that offers air conditioning repair services to learn more about the best parts to keep on hand.

Enroll in a Maintenance Contract

As your air conditioner starts to get older, regular maintenance becomes more necessary. A service contract ensures you get regular maintenance for a flat fee, which can be preferable to surprise service calls.

Different contracts will have different terms, but on top of routine maintenance, some may also offer coverage for certain types of repairs, which can come in handy if your air conditioner shuts down due to something like a common parts failure. Take a look at what local air conditioning specialists are offering and what might benefit you the most.

Have Your System Inspected Early

A thorough inspection before the worst of summer hits is a great way to make sure your air conditioner doesn't fail and that any important repairs are handled early. Beyond basic maintenance, it's important to have your ducts checked for leaks or contaminants and to have your air conditioner's circuit tested, especially if your air conditioner's electrical components haven't been looked at or tested in some time.

Catch Warning Signs Early

Failing parts will usually show signs of trouble before they fail completely, but the signs aren't always very obvious. Things to look out for include rattling sounds that are louder than normal, grinding sounds from your outdoor unit, humming sounds from the outdoor unit when the fan blades aren't moving, or air that starts to feel less cool over time. These symptoms can point to anything from electrical parts failures to refrigerant leaks to new damage to your ducts that result in air loss. If you notice any of these issues, don't wait for your air conditioner to break down completely; call for an inspection from a professional.