Essential Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

If you want to ensure your air conditioner is efficient and lasts as long as possible, you should observe suitable maintenance measures. While you will have to schedule an air conditioning repair at some point after installing your AC, there are several ways you can keep it in good condition for a long time. Here are some AC maintenance tips that every homeowner should beware of.

Clean and Replace the Air Filters

One of the most crucial AC maintenance tips is to ensure the air filters are clean. These filters should also be replaced when necessary. If your AC has reusable filters, then AC maintenance professionals will be able to clean them, but they will need to be replaced after a specific time if they are not reusable.

As a rule of thumb, if you live in urban areas, you should schedule to clean or replace your air filters more frequently than if you reside in a rural or semi-urban area. Cleaning and replacing air filters are crucial because they often get clogged with dirt and allergens. This prevents proper airflow. As a result, your AC will have to work harder than usual. The clogged filter may pass the dirt and allergens into the air you breathe and increase your risk of developing allergies.

Clean the Evaporator Coils 

The AC's evaporator coils collect a large amount of dirt over time. Like the air filters, dirt prevents airflow and affects the coil's ability to cool your home. Blocked evaporator coils can also damage your compressor if they are not cleaned regularly.

Many people are tempted to clean the coils on their own using foaming sprays. However, this may require you to open up the AC unit, and you risk anything going wrong. If you are not a handyman, it is advisable to call an AC repair professional regularly to check the condition of your evaporator coils.

Check the Thermostat

One of the most basic AC maintenance tasks is to have your thermostat checked regularly. The thermostat ensures your home is at the right temperature all the time. Many households use programmable thermostats to make it easier to monitor the temperature of the house.

With a smart thermostat, you can program the unit to switch to different temperatures. This thermostat works best when no one is at home or when you do not have time to keep adjusting the thermostat. These models also save energy and money because the thermostat does not run when it is not appropriate. Ask your AC maintenance expert to advise you on the different smart thermostat options.

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