3 Questions To Ask Before Installing A New AC Unit

Living without a functional cooling system during the summer months can be challenging. If you feel that it's time to replace or upgrade your existing AC unit, there are some vital questions that you need to ask yourself prior to installation.

Getting the answers to these questions will help you select the air conditioner that is best suited to meet your cooling needs over time.

1. What is the Actual Cost?

Cost is a determining factor for many homeowners looking to invest in a new AC unit. Unfortunately, many homeowners only look at the initial purchase price of an air conditioner instead of evaluating the total cost of the unit over its lifetime.

The cheapest air conditioner to buy may not be the most affordable to maintain. You will need to evaluate how efficient each available unit is to determine the energy costs that will be associated with each model.

You will also want to identify any known performance issues or maintenance requirements before investing in a new AC unit.

By factoring in all costs that will be incurred over the life of an AC unit, you can select the model that is truly the most affordable.

2. Are the Air Ducts Damaged?

You should always invest in a complete inspection of your home's air ducts prior to having a new AC unit installed. It's common for performance issues to be attributed to a faulty AC unit when it is really damaged air ducts that are to blame.

Any gaps, holes, or other forms of damage that exist within your duct system should be repaired before you bring in a new AC unit.

Completing duct repairs first ensures that your new AC unit will be able to function as efficiently as possible as soon as it has been installed in your home.

3. Is Air Quality an Issue?

Experts have found that indoor air tends to be anywhere from two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Since you spend such a significant amount of time inside your home, you should consider addressing air quality issues when your new AC unit is installed.

Modern air conditioners can be fitted with an air purification device that removes pollutants and contaminants from the air supply that is cooled by the air conditioner.

The cool air distributed throughout your home will be cleaner, helping to protect your family against respiratory problems over time.

For more info, contact an air conditioning installation service near you.