Faqs About New Air Conditioners And Installation Day Prep Steps

What do you need to know before your AC installation day? Your home may need a new cooling system and this is your first experience with air conditioners and installation services. If you're not sure what, when, how, or whether you need to prep for this appointment, take a look at the following questions to ask your contractor.

Will the Installation Only Take One Day To Complete?

While many air conditioning service repairs and installation visits are single-day services, it's possible that your appointment could require more than one visit. The completion timeline is an important part of the installation process. If your service also includes air duct installation, some types of smart upgrades, or complex equipment, the technician may need a few more days to complete the job. 

Will the Technician Need Extra Space for Tools or Other Equipment?

Where will the HVAC tech put their equipment or the additional machinery they need for the installation? This question may have two parts, depending on the length of the service and the timeline. If the installation will take more than one day, you will need to ask the contractor if they will need to store tools/equipment in your home overnight—and if so, what type of space will they need.

You will also need to ask this question for a one-day or same-day service. The technician may need a flat, clear area to place tools, a tool bag, or larger types of machinery. If the tech will work in your cluttered basement or needs to set up outside to install a new condenser, make sure to clear the areas for easy access and extra equipment storage space 

How Should the HVAC Technician Access the House?

Unlike a simple air conditioner repair, an installation requires the contractor to bring in large, heavy cooling appliances. Along with the system itself, the tech will also need to bring tools, equipment, other machinery, and possibly even long lengths of metal ductwork into your home. This makes ease of access essential. 

If your main door requires the technician to carry heavy items up a flight of stairs, they may prefer to access your home from a secondary space (such as a back or basement door that is located on ground level) or the garage. 

Do You Need To Take Any Special Prep Steps?

You've already asked the contractor about making room for equipment and providing an easy-to-access entry. But are these the only ways to prepare for an AC installation appointment? Ask the contractor what else you can do to make the service call go smoothly. This may include removing pets from the installation area, making sure your young children don't go near the AC system, or adding extra light sources.