Common Commercial Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know

Commercial AC systems keep your working environment cool, improving employee comfort. Additionally, AC units eliminate contaminants like dust from the air, improving the air quality in your business premise. However, air conditioners have many moving components like fans and motors, making the systems susceptible to damage. Hence, commercial air conditioning repair may be necessary. But, you can only perform the right repairs after understanding the existing problem within your air conditioner. Here are some common AC issues you should be aware of.

Weird Noises 

Commercial air conditioners usually operate quietly. Hence, if your cooling unit emanates loud, unusual sounds, the system may be experiencing severe mechanical issues. For instance, the interior moving parts may be loose and shift off position, resulting in banging sounds. Commercial air conditioning repair may include fastening loose parts. Additionally, grinding sounds may occur when the internal moving components like motors become corroded and experience friction. AC repair professionals may remove the rust and lubricate the affected parts to eliminate these odd sounds.

Uneven Cooling

If some areas in your commercial building are cooler than others, this indicates an issue with your AC. Perhaps, the thermostat may be inconsistent in controlling the cooling temperature. Additionally, this could signify that your AC isn't supplying sufficient cool air due to blockage in the ducts. Your commercial air conditioning repair service can inspect the AC thermostat and air ducts, identify the cause of uneven cooling and fix it. This restores your air conditioner's cooling efficiency.

Refrigerant Leakage

The coils in your air conditioner contain a refrigerant that helps remove heat from the air. However, cracks or holes may form if the coils corrode or encounter physical damage. These cracks may act as escape points for the refrigerant, resulting in low refrigerant levels. If the leakage is severe, the coils may run empty of the refrigerant. Thus, your AC may not produce cold air. In this case, commercial air conditioning repair may entail sealing the leakage points and refilling the refrigerant to the correct level.


Clogged air filters, low refrigerant levels, or dirty condenser coils can cause your AC to strain and produce more heat during operation. Hence, your cooling system may overheat, damaging system components like the fuses and capacitors. This may ultimately cause your cooling system to shut down. The appropriate AC repair for an overheated AC may include cleaning the AC filter and condenser coils.

The common commercial air conditioner problems you should know are overheating, unusual sound production, uneven cooling, and refrigerant leakage. Consider performing commercial air conditioner repair when you spot these issues.