Are You Experiencing High Utility Bills From Your AC?

An efficient AC maximizes the energy it consumes to provide a cool and comfortable environment. Conversely, if your AC is inefficient, it will be incapable of achieving maximum cooling capacity while consuming a lot of energy. Since a system dysfunction will cause your AC unit to operate below peak efficiency, you must hire an AC technician to establish the cause of the malfunction. They will inspect the entire system for defects and repair them before they escalate into expensive replacements. The following are the causes contributing to high electric expenses.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters entrap any dust, debris, and airborne particles from accessing the air passages. With time, the filters will accumulate contaminants that clog them. This restricts airflow, causing your unit to take longer to cool each room. Since the AC will work harder to draw in air, it will consume more energy, resulting in high utility bills. Therefore, you should engage an AC professional to clean or replace the air filters for proper airflow.

Duct Leaks

The ducts running through your house are subject to pressure fluctuation and vibrations that cause wear and tear. Over time, the seals will wear out, and the ducts' connections will disengage. Additionally, pests intruding on the duct system can eat away the material, causing holes that leak cooled air. This results in the unit straining to distribute air to attain the thermostat setting, incurring more electricity costs. You must hire an AC contractor to seal the ducts for proper airflow and efficient operation.

Low Refrigerant

An AC's refrigerant facilitates heat exchange as it circulates through the coolant lines by absorbing the heat and expelling it outside. Since the refrigerant runs in a closed-loop, it does not get depleted. Therefore, low refrigerant levels result from leaks in the lines carrying it. Low coolant levels will reduce the heat absorption rate and cause the system to constantly run in an attempt to draw out more heat, causing high energy bills.

Outdated AC Unit

If your system exceeds the age projected by the manufacturer, it will be prone to breakdowns. This is because most components sustain wear and tear, reducing the system's efficiency. Moreover, an aging system will experience frequent repairs from recurring breakdowns, reducing its performance substantially. You must consult an AC expert to guide you in selecting an up-to-date unit with a high-efficiency rating to save on energy costs.

If you fail to maintain your AC properly, most components will malfunction, adding more strain to your system, thus reducing its efficiency. Therefore, you should hire an AC specialist to perform regular tune-ups to improve the efficiency for optimal functionality.

Contact a technician for more information about AC repair.