Is Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor Broken?

Do you have a suspicion that something is wrong with your air conditioner's compressor, but are not sure what to look for? This component is responsible for moving the refrigerant in and out of your home, which is what cools down the air and makes everything work. Here are some of the signs that something is wrong with the compressor that you should look out for.

The Air in Your Home Is Warm

If your air conditioner is turned on at the thermostat and the components are running, but you only feel warm air coming out of your ductwork, then you know something is wrong with the compressor. The internal components are working to push air through the ductwork, but something is not making the air cold.

One thing to keep in mind is that air comes out of your ductwork at the same temperature no matter what your thermostat is set to. Even having the thermostat at a higher temperature in the summer should still produce the same cold air as if it was at a lower temperature.

The Fan And Compressor Are Not Running Simultaneously

It's possible that your compressor is making a sound that can identify a potential problem. This is because the fan and compressor run at the same time, with both parts making their own unique sound. If you only hear one of these components making a sound, it means that something is wrong with the compressor. For example, if the fan is not spinning and you hear a hum, it means that the compressor is turned on but the fan is not spinning.

The Fan Is Not Blowing Hot Air

If the fan is spinning and the compressor is running properly, you should feel warm air shooting out of the compressor from the fan. That's because the compressor works by extracting heat from the inside of your home and moving outside of your home, and the fan helps blow it away from the unit. If you feel cool air coming from the fan then that means that the compressor is not doing its job of extracting heat. You'll need to have the unit investigated to find out why this is happening.

The Thick Refrigerant Line Feels Warm

There are two lines coming into the compressor, which look like a thin tube and a thick tube. If the air conditioning is running properly, that thick line will be cold because that's where the cooled refrigerant is flowing back into your home. If the line feels like it is at room temperature, then you know that the compressor is not extracting any heat to create cool refrigerant. 

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