Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Two-Stage Furnace

When you need to have your furnace replaced, you'll often start by having a conversation with an HVAC contractor. They'll recommend a few different types of furnaces for you and help you decide which one will best suit your needs. One type of furnace your HVAC contractor may recommend is called a two-stage furnace. These furnaces work well in a lot of homes, but they are not necessarily for everyone. Here are some key pros and cons to consider as you make your decision.

Pro: Two-stage furnaces are more energy efficient.

These furnaces get their name from the fact that they can run on two different levels. They run at a lower speed and lower temperature when temperatures are more moderate. When it is really cold out, they kick into their higher gear, sending out more air and hotter air. This setup allows the furnace to burn less fuel overall. This means lower energy bills, and it is also better for the planet.

Con: Two-stage furnaces cost more.

While a two-stage furnace will save you money on energy, it will cost more upfront. The mechanical elements inside a two-stage furnace are more complex, so they cost more to manufacture. If you're on a tight budget, you may not want to spend the extra dollars on a two-stage furnace.

Pro: Two-stage furnaces tend to heat a home more evenly.

If you have a one-stage furnace, it will sometimes throw out so much heat at once that the area around your thermostat gets hot and the furnace turns off. But there may be other areas of the home that are not yet warm. With a two-stage furnace, the heat tends to be blown out more slowly on moderate days, which makes for more even heating throughout the home. You should notice fewer hot and cold patches.

Con: Two-stage furnaces are more expensive to repair.

When your furnace gets older and starts requiring repairs, those repairs may cost more to make when you have a two-stage furnace. The parts tend to be more intricate and specialized. Plus, two-stage furnaces are harder to work on and require more precision. 

If you can afford the cost upfront and don't mind paying a little more for repairs down the road, a two-stage furnace can be a good choice for your home. Talk to a local furnace replacement service like TPS Heating & Cooling to learn about the specific makes and models that suit your home well.