Understanding Your Air Conditioner’s Filter Drier

Filter driers are a nearly ubiquitous component in air conditioners being manufactured today. In fact, they are so effective at prolonging the lifespan and air quality of an air conditioner that they are often retrofitted into older ACs as well. Yet many people still fail to understand the basic principles of a filter drier. If you would improve your understanding of this vital component, keep reading. This article will provide a handy introduction to the subject. Read More 

Using Your Thermostat To Troubleshoot A Heating Issue

If you have a hot water heating system that forces warm water through the vents to warm your house, then you may be surprised when some of these water pipes stop delivering hot water. If you notice this problem in your home and it only seems to happen in one space or heating zone, then keep reading to learn how to troubleshoot the issue using your thermostat.  Check The Thermostat Read More 

Choosing An HVAC For A Tiny House

In case the tiny house movement bug has bitten you, don't forget that conventional heating and ventilation systems (HVACs) may not be suitable for your tiny house. Here are some of the considerations you need to make to ensure your installed HVAC will not be wasteful or inadequate for your tiny house: Install a Zoned System HVAC zoning system allows you to control the individual temperature for each area of your house rather than heating the whole house with a uniform temperature. Read More 

Understanding The Dangers Of Mold In Your Heat Pump

A heat pump is an HVAC device that draws cool air into your home during the summer and warm air in during the winter to increase your heating and cooling efficiency. Unfortunately, its exposed nature on the outside of your home means it is prone to suffering from mold infestation, a problem that can threaten the health and well-being of you and your family. Dangers Of Mold Exposure Mold is an insidious danger that can cause a variety of health effects in your family, including nasal stuffiness, irritation in your throat, and various cold and flu-like symptoms. Read More 

How Snowbirds Can Manage Their Air Conditioning Maintenance Before Their Arrival

If you are a proud member of the "snowbird club," you probably have a residence in the southern half of the U.S. that you go to every year when your northern home is inundated by snow. That generally means you have twice the home maintenance of everyone else, including furnace and air conditioning maintenance. For most "snowbirds," your home maintenance on these systems often occurs after you have arrived at your southern residence for the season, which then takes up valuable relaxation time. Read More