Why You Should Invest In An AC Maintenance And Service Contract

Your air conditioner most likely isn't an appliance you think of often, as it's only used during the warm weather seasons and then disregarded the rest of the year. You use this system but rarely give it a second thought until it breaks down and you're left sweating. You may not maintain your system and may have never had it serviced to ensure it works properly, which can be a mistake that could be a costly one. Read More 

Types Of Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an integrated cooling and heating system. The system cools your house during the hot season by extracting heat indoors and dumping the heat outside. During the cold season, the same system warms the house by extracting air from outside the house and bringing it indoors. Below are some of the various types of heat pumps available today. Air-Sourced Central Heat Pump This type of heat pump operates like a central AC. Read More 

Having Problems With Your Frymaster Oil Not Getting Hot? Get Expert Help Today

If you run a small business and you have a Frymaster machine that you bought brand new a few years ago and it's having complications, it's time to call the professionals. You can't cook food properly or safely if the grease in the Frymaster isn't getting to the appropriate temperature and if it isn't cooking the food like it needs to be. Here are some of the different things that you'll want to talk about with the repair expert so you can get to the bottom of the problem. Read More 

What Happens If You Mix Air Conditioning Refrigerant Types?

The refrigerant R-22 is being phased out. It can no longer be imported or produced in the United States beginning in the year 2020. If you have an air conditioning system that currently utilized R-22, and it has developed a leak or simply needs to be topped off, you may find yourself wondering if you can mix another type of refrigerant with your current R-22 refrigerant. Unfortunately, it is not safe to do so and can cause damage to your system. Read More 

3 Ways To Make Heating Repairs Last Longer

When your furnace hits the skids, your first instinct might be to call an HVAC repairman. While it is always smart to work with a trained professional to fix complex equipment like furnaces, many people don't know how to make the most of those visits. Here are three ways to make heating repairs last longer, so you can extend the life of your appliance. 1.    Listen to Your HVAC Professional During repairs, stay close and take the time to talk with your HVAC professional. Read More