Air Conditioning Projects To Start Before That Weather Changes And You Need Your AC

The AC in your home may need major repairs or improvements before the weather changes. It is a good idea to evaluate your cooling needs and determine what you need to have done before the weather gets warmer. The following air conditioning projects will help you prepare your home for the summer heat: Upgrades to Existing Air Conditioning The existing air conditioning in your home is one of the first areas to consider improvements. Read More 

What Features To Look For In A New Furnace Or Heater

If you're preparing to have a professional perform a furnace or heater installation, it's a good idea to think about the new system's features. A heater installation project is a good chance to address issues regarding capacity, efficiency, filtration, computerization, and even automation. Let's take a look at these features and how you can get the most bang for your buck with a heater installation effort. Capacity First, take measurements of every room in your house. Read More 

Can A New Air Conditioner Actually Save Me Money?

Most homeowners groan at the idea of having to replace any of the appliances or systems inside their house. That applies double for something like an air conditioner, which can cost several thousand dollars to replace by itself, not including any ductwork that needs to be installed along with it. But on some occasions, having a new air conditioning system may actually save you money in the long run. Below are a few ways that's possible. Read More 

Why Do I Need My Air Ducts Cleaned?

Though it's not glamorous, one of the best things you can do for your family's health and the health of your air conditioning system is to have regular duct cleanings. You can do this yourself by simply opening up one of the vents and poking a flashlight around inside with a broom, but it's not nearly as efficient as having a professional clean it for you. Fortunately, air conditioner vent cleaning is a task that an HVAC technician can provide. Read More 

Three Warning Signs From A Furnace That Needs Urgent Repairs

Many problems with a furnace are easy to spot if you know what to look for. Electrical issues, mechanical and operational problems, and problems with ducts and vents can be discovered by looking out for these symptoms. Circuit Breaker Trips Repeatedly When circuit breaker trips, power can usually be safely restored by flipping the switch back on. If the breaker for your furnace's circuit trips repeatedly, however, this can signify an electrical issue that could be dangerous if left unfixed. Read More